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Boats and vaporettos


I have lived in may be the most beautiful city in the world,Venice, for fifteen years. It is full of magical places. From entchanting palaces to the most visited exhibitions in the world. And then, of course, there is the daily (and special) life of the city. The nicest squares where you arrive through impossible streets that you will certainly never find again if  you search for them.

Wat about transport? There are no bikes or cars here, so you do everything by foot or by boat. Fortunately, there is the vaporetto, which is a public bus boat, that takes you through the water streets of Venice. There are many lines, just like buses. The most convenient thing to do when you arrive, is to buy a card for a day or for more days. A single ticket already costs you €7,50. There is a practical app www.chebateo.it that you can download. All you have to do is indicate from where and to which vaporetto stop you would like to go. Every Venetian uses this app.

Some residents are lucky enough to own their own boat. Buying a small boat is not that expensive, the problem is finding a parking place, whicht is almost impossible and expensive. Just like it is in Amsterdam, for example, to find a parking place for your car.
The Venetians who have a boat, like taking it out at the weekend. In the lagoon you can stop where you wish to have a refreshing swim or a picnic along the way. There are many small islands in the lagoon where you can have a lunch on the terrace of a restaurant.
Venice is at her best in the early morning or later in the evening. At this time most tourists have not yet arrived or they have already left! Every square metre has history in this city and it is just beautiful everywhere you walk. Do you already feel like coming to Venice?